8 Tips for a Fulfilling Devotional Time – Tip #5 | by Angela Howard

by | Nov 26, 2012

The last entry was entitled Tip # 4 Try Journaling.  If you have yet to give it a try,
check out the 3 simple steps I outlined in my last post.    Psalm
86:7 (NCV)
says, “I call to you in times of
trouble, because you will answer me.”
Journaling is a wonderful way to call out to God and you can be
confident that He hears your voice and will respond to your heart’s cry.
#5 Use a devotional to help keep you on track
A devotional can be a powerful tool to direct your time
with the Lord.  Look for a writing style
that speaks to you, but also points you to the Word of God.  It is helpful to have the structure and
guidance that comes from adding a devotional or even a more in-depth Bible
study to your quiet time.
Complementing your Bible reading with a devotional doesn’t
replace your time in the Word, but adds a different dimension.  I have had many times when a book awakens a
desire for more study, reflection, repentance and change in my heart.  I have learned new things about the character
of God through the eyes of the writer, and I am encouraged to see how God uses
people to teach through the written word.
If you are stuck on a place to start we are excited about
the new release of At the Feet of Jesus
but here are some other favorites.
and Angela’s Favorite Devotionals:
MyUtmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
JesusCalling by Sarah Young
Gracefor the Moment by Max Lucado
A fulfilling devotional time doesn’t start with
a ritual but with a relationship—a time that restores your soul.  John Ortberg once said, God is not interested in your spiritual life.
He’s interested in your LIFE. All of it. He intends to redeem it.”
  Jesus redeems our
lives.  To redeem is “the restoration of by
paying a ransom.”
Out of the vastness of the universe God reaches
down to earth and takes a life which, if left to its own devices, would end up
in eternity separated from Him.  He
assigns such an incredible value to our lives that He was willing to sacrifice
His only Son for us.  He redeems, He restores
our lives, all for the opportunity of relationship. 
How will
you begin to invest in your friendship with God?   

Angela is an inspirational and educational speaker who teaches the hard truths of God’s Word in a fun and relevant way. She is also a writing assistant to Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Whatever she is doing, she has a passion to see spiritual growth and an increased sense of purpose in people’s lives. Angela and her husband Michael graduated from Northwest University in 1997 and have been married for 17 years and have 2 children. They currently live in Washington State.

You can follow her on her blog at No Ordinary Days

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