Thru the Word in 2013

by | Dec 30, 2012

Have you ever wanted to read through the Bible in a year?

It has been a goal of mine since I was a young Christian. But though I’ve read the entire Bible several times, I’ve never finished it in 365 days. I’m hoping this year will be different!

Join me and others as we make the Word of God a priority in 2013. We’ll be using a unique Bible reading guide that takes us back and forth between the Old Testament and New. I think you’ll find it a refreshing change and an inspirational approach.

Just go to and type in January 1 and Genesis in the boxes. Then push the button and print off the guide to keep with your Bible. Each week at this blog, I’ll be sharing what spoke most to me and asking you to share as well.

I’m really looking forward to the accountability of going deeper into God’s Word together!

Will you join me?

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