by | Feb 25, 2013

This week THRU THE WORD has been so encouraging!  On Wednesday we read in Proverbs 14.  I shared on Facebook how just one verse was
an amazing help to me.  Here’s
my post from Facebook:
The first verse I read in Proverbs 14 was a really good
reminder to me as a wife and a mother…. 
“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down
with her own ___________” The verse says, “with her own hands”,
but I think you could fill in the blank with any number of other things.  With her own words.  Attitude. 
Self-centeredness.  Negativity.  Anger. 
Pride.  My lower nature comes
equipped with all sorts of destructive tools, unfortunately.  Help me build and establish my home, never
tear it down, Lord.  May I be wise and
discerning.  Not foolish and careless.
God’s word is so powerful. 
Some days it will only be one verse that alters the course of our lives,
and helps us to truly change from the inside out.  I know you are experiencing the same thing
and I am so encouraged by all that God is doing in us THRU THE WORD!  If you haven’t started reading, begin today
and join us on Facebook as we share our hearts!! 
Here are some more thoughts from our friends on Facebook:
Lane Innerst Forgy:  I
just love Acts 20:32—God’s grace is able to build me up and give me a
wonderful inheritance!
Laura Grace:  Paul overcoming by telling his testimony—how
awesome is that?
Carol Brown Hoffman:  Proverbs
—How good is a timely word, the righteous weighs its answers, wisdom
to speak God’s words!
Tillie Butts:  Acts
was God’s first promise to me as an 8 year old.  I have clung to the last phrase through the
years where He promised that not only would I be saved but “and thy
What stood out to you today as you read THRU THE WORD?

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