Thru the Word – Guest Post by Lesli Westfall

by | Apr 29, 2013

Note from Joanna:  I’m so honored to have Lesli Westfall as my guest blogger today.   You won’t want to miss her encouraging word!  Be sure to check our her website and bio at the botton of the post.

“Moses my servant is dead. Now, therefore arise!” Joshua 1:2 (KJV)

How many of us put off until tomorrow what we can do today? I can honestly raise my hand and say “Amen!” Our lack of action could be the quality of procrastination or a season of difficult circumstances or an unexpected event, like a sudden death.

Moses was the chosen leader amongst the Israelites. However, he broke the faith and did not set God apart amongst the people. (Deuteronomy 32:51)  Joshua, his successor, was to complete the mission of taking the Israelites into the promised land. After Moses’ death God spoke to Joshua and said, “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise!” I like how The Message version puts it, “Get going!”

Recently I attended a writer/speaker conference. As I walked into a scheduled break-out session, I noticed tear sheets of advertisements from magazines strewn across the table.  We were given the instruction: prepare your speech within five minutes and you’ll be given three minutes to present your speech.

I sighed and thought to myself, “Really? This lady is crazy! How am I going to do that?” I admit I didn’t have the best Christian attitude.

Rummaging through the pile of sheets, I noticed the words, Tomorrow is Today. I stared misty eyed at the title and instantly thought of my mom.  Her sudden death left me with the responsibility of taking care of my father who is in hospice care. During this time in my life I found myself not living, but merely existing.

Frantically I scribbled in my notebook Your Tomorrow is Today.

Flipping to the book of Joshua in my Bible, quickly I wrote, “Now, therefore arise!”

After my mom’s passing and the pressure of taking care of my ill father, I couldn’t imagine pursuing my goal of writing and completing a manuscript.  I was determined I’d pursue writing after the ordeal was over with. I just didn’t have it in me.

Yet God’s instruction to Joshua resonated in my heart:  Now, therefore arise.

Has a difficult circumstance or the death of a loved one stifled you from living? Has the quality of procrastination kept you from accomplishing your goal?

As Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land, it was life changing! As we arise and go forward, it could be crucial in thrusting us to the next level; personally, professionally or in ministry.  Let’s not procrastinate or allow circumstances, unexpected death, as hard as it is, to stop us. Remember the goals we complete could be life changing for another person.

What are we waiting on? Our tomorrow is today! Now, therefore arise and get going! 

Have you been stuck, waiting for your circumstances to change before you move forward?  If so, what is one step you will make today to ARISE?!

Lesli Westfall is the author of Dancing Upon Barren Land: Prayer, Scripture Reflections, and Hope for Infertility. While leading a Christian infertility support group in one of the largest churches in America, a deep compassion formed within Westfall’s heart. Based upon her own experience as well as others in the group, the online ministry Dancing Upon Barren Land was created, offering spiritual nourishment for the infertility road. She now ministers to women around the world through the website and leads support groups at other local congregations.
Westfall loves spending time with her family, friends and especially her husband, Larry, whom she refers to as her man of faith and live-in comedian. You can connect with Lesli at her website or on Facebook and Twitter

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