Thru the Word 2013 – Halfway Happy Dance!

by | Jul 2, 2013

Half-way THRU THE WORD 2013, it’s time for a HAPPY DANCE! For those of you who have joined the adventure, we’re half-way though the year and half-way through the Bible, and I say it’s time to celebrate!!

Being halfway might not mean a lot to some of you super-disciplined, “I’m-actually-one-month-ahead” kind of folks. But for procrastinators and “well-intended-but-lousy-follow-through” people like me, who’ve never actually made it through the Bible in one year, today marks a milestone!

So throw your hands in the air, my friends! Move your feet and do a great big happy dance!!!! “Yeehaw for us!” that’s what I say.   [Happy Dance Video!]

To be honest, I wish I could say that I’ve completed my six months perfectly, without missing a day. But that would be untrue. What I can say is that I’ve PERSEVERED and am caught up in my reading as of today! And that in itself is a huge victory!! 

So sound off, my friends! Let me know where you are in your reading – leave a comment (even if you’re behind). And to each and everyone of you – Keep pressing on, dear one!

You are farther along than you know, and you have accomplished more than you would have, had you never begun. So very proud of you. I can only imagine what this must mean to our Abba Father. 🙂

Becoming His together,

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