Having a Mary Spirit Project

by | Nov 27, 2013

I’ve been blessed to have an amazing team working with me on these projects. Frank Gamble of One Stone Media is a delight to work with, as is my video consultant, Kristie Kerr of Fourth Floor Ministries. They bring such excellence and creativity to all they do. I feel blessed beyond words!

Director Frank, myself, Kristie & her assistant, April, video guys, Dale & Justin

After shooting Having a Mary Heart at my home in Montana, we travelled to Frank’s neck of the woods last month to shoot Having a Mary Spirit in Springfield, Missouri. God gave us an amazing studio audience. These beautiful women were so kind and responsive to my words, but just as kind and patient with my verbal mess-ups and retakes. I love you, ladies!!

We also went out of the studio and shot the creative openers that add so much to each project. I had a chance to play with butterflies at the Butterfly Palace in Branson and filmed a piece in the produce aisle of an Ozark supermarket, just to mention a few. It was lots of fun!

But now the real work begins! I’m asking that the Lord would make this project everything He wants it to be as we edit the film and as I begin writing the workbook. Would you pray as well? For unless the Lord builds the DVD curriculum, they labor in vain who build it.

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