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by | Oct 8, 2014

As a pastor’s wife, I’m always looking for new Bible studies and so, as I worked on these curriculums, I tried to provide everything a group might need. The new Having a Mary Spirit DVD Study Pack is designed to be used with the paperback book and the companion study guide we’ve created to help women get the most out of their time in the Word. Here’s some more details…
The three-disc DVD set includes: 
  • Twelve 18-22 minute videos – featuring all-new material taught by Joanna
  • Short “Tool Time” videos – filled with practical tools for cooperating with God’s grace in transformation
  • A detailed leader’s guide filled with tips and ideas
  • Memory verse cards and other handouts
  • Promotional material including: promo video, posters, flyers, presentation slides, etc.
  • RETREAT OPTION: a retreat guide shows how to use the material as a special event!
Designed to be used with the book, the companion STUDY GUIDE helps women get the most out of their Bible study. Less time consuming than many studies, it requires about 60-90 minutes of reading and homework each week.
NOTE: For groups on a limited budget, consider doing the “Book-Only” option. Each woman needs a book and a copy of the original study found in the back of the book, You’ll find a downloadable workbook and detailed guide for the “Book-Only” option at my website – COMING SOON at   

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