Having a Mary Heart Podcast #1 | Guest Tricia Goyer

by | Sep 28, 2016

Starting something new is always scary…

For many months, I’ve been feeling the Lord tug on my heart about starting a new podcast.

You know how it works…a new idea crosses your mind, but you dismiss it. Way, way too much work, you think. And way, way too little time.

But then a friend calls and says, “I really think you should do a podcast.” And you say, “Yeah,  maybe.” (Thanks, Marge!)

You try to resist, but like a stubborn pansy pushing up through concrete, the thought just won’t go away.

So you explore the idea. You know you can’t commit to a weekly podcast – at least not yet. But the tenacious little pansy is now growing on you ;-), so you start researching what it would take to host your own show.

You even send out a couple of emails, inviting people you know (and don’t know) to be your guests. And they accept!

Suddenly, you find yourself sitting across from a very dear friend sipping coffee in beautiful Bigfork, Montana. You stumble and fumble your way through the technical side of recording the interview via your IPad, but even with all the glitches you find yourself thinking…

“I like this. I like this very much.”

Then several weeks later, the first episode is born! (Well, there might have been a few other steps involved – thank you very much, Pat Flynn’s Podcast Tutorials!)

Without further ado, here’s episode one of the Having a Mary Heart Podcast featuring best-selling author and speaker, Tricia Goyer. (Who also happens to be a home-schooling mom of ten!)

This Mary-Hearted Mama’s topic?

5 Tips for Cultivating a Quiet Heart in the Middle of a Crazy, Busy Life!

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Having a Mary Heart Podcast – Episode #1

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Episode #1 Show Notes

I hope you enjoyed the interview like I did. Tricia was so kind to send these notes before we talked, I thought I’d turn them into show notes. Keep an eye out for some of her favorite resources.

Tell us a little about your life, Tricia…

Life is crazy. In addition to our three biological kids, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and two grandkids, John and I have adopted 7 children in five years, most of them from foster care. These are kids who have faced severe trauma, and have many special needs which require intense therapy. I homeschool seven kids and write 2-3 books a year, plus my grandma lives with us. Yeah, just a little crazy.

So what tips can you give for cultivating a quiet heart in the midst of a crazy, busy life?

1. Find time for God

If I don’t connect with the Prince of Peace there is not peace in my day. Morning quiet time with Bible and prayer is so valuable. Listening to the Bible via YouVersion, Christian audio books, and worship music. Favorite podcasts:

2. Doing a mind and heart check

If I let my negative emotions control me the whole household goes downhill. Kids from trauma magnify any emotion I have. I ask: What’s happening in my heart right now? What negative thoughts are directing me? What’s bothering me? Then I hand those negative thoughts to God and turn them into thoughts of thanksgiving. I also ask, “God how do you see this situation?”

3. Pass on your faith

I understand the limited amount of time I have to pour God truths into my kids … and others. I’ve prioritized Bible teaching in our homeschool day, discipleship with my kids throughout the day (giving them the “why” of all we do), legacy Bibles, mentoring teen moms, speaking and writing.

4. See yourself as part of a team

My husband and I stepped out on a limb together and we depend on each other’s support. Every day we talk about issues. We share insights. We pray together. We minister to each other when we’re weary. We give grace to each other. We praise each other and encourage each other. We try to forgive quickly.

5. Take care of yourself

I’ve learned to be gentle with myself and tend to myself so I can tend to others. I understand that I can’t “do it all.” I understand that God loves me just as I am even if my house is a mess and my to-do list is as thick as a phonebook. I’ve started eating better, and hired a life coach to help me think through places I’m stuck. I get dressed and do my hair and make-up early in the morning. I take time to call or meet with a friend. I nap when I need it. I ask for help. I ask for prayer. And because I’m learning to take care of myself, I’m better able to care for my grandma, my husband, my career and my kids.

Thanks so much for all this great advice, Tricia. Practical tips that can change everything if we apply them!

tricia-goyer-headshot-cropLearn More About Tricia Goyer

Be sure to check out www.TriciaGoyer.com to learn more about her blog and wonderful books – both fiction and non-fiction. Or go to Amazon and peruse her amazing Author Page – super impressive!

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And don’t miss the FREE “Quiet Heart Tips” Printable Poster filled with encouraging scriptures you can share with your crazy, busy friends!

I’d love to hear from you…which one of Tricia’s tips resonate most in your life right now? Got a tip of your own to share?

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