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by | Apr 5, 2017

An easy method for memorizing scripture that really works! Featuring a Word Time video - part of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD Bible Study.

Hiding God’s Word in our hearts…

We know we ought to, but the task seems overwhelming. Believe me, I know.

After spending the majority of my young adult Christian life convinced I couldn’t memorize scripture, I was super nervous about taking the Navigator 2:7 Discipleship Course.

The first book required that we learn five verses over the course of eleven weeks. I was certain I would fail.

But the course taught a simple method that took away my fear, breaking the exercise into doable steps that not only helped me learn those five verses, it’s given me tools that have helped me learn scores of verses over the years, even chapters of the Bible.

Memorize Scripture

As I’ve taught this method in my own discipleship classes, I’ve seen it literally transform people’s lives. It doesn’t matter your age, your background or intellect, you can memorize scripture! In the following video I show you how.

From Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD Bible Study

Step-by-Step Guide

Because this memorization method is so powerful, I’ve included it in all three DVD curriculum. To help you remember the steps, here’s the corresponding sidebar from Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Study Guide.

Throughout this study, I’ve suggested a scripture to memorize and meditate on each week. Don’t be intimidated; you can do this! Here’s a method, adapted from the Navigators’ 2:7 Discipleship Course, that has really helped me hide God’s Word in my heart.

~    Write the verse (or verses) you want to memorize on an index card.

~    Read the verse out loud several times.

~    Learn the reference and first phrase of the verse together as a unit.

~    Repeat the unit three times, then add the next phrase. Repeat that three times.

~    Gradually add phrases and repeat the reference once again at the end.

~    Always review the verse using the following pattern:


For instance: “John 11:35, ‘Jesus wept,’ John 11:35.”

~    Don’t forget to repeat the reference at the end—it’s important!

~    Focus on saying the verse word perfect.

~    Review, re­view, review.

Scripture memorization doesn’t come easily for most of us, but I can assure you, it will come if you persevere and practice! Don’t give up. As you exercise your mind, your capacity for memorization will grow.


If you’d like to start memorizing verses but don’t know where to start, here’s a FREE Memory Verse download featured in Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: DVD Study Pack.

Free printable memory verses from the Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Bible Study. Learn more at

Choose one verse to start with. Practice it for a week or two, then add another to your repertoire (being sure to repeat the one you’ve already learned). Before long, you’ll have a small arsenal of verses stored up in your heart.

Verses you can use to encourage others. Verses you can quote to encourage yourself. Best of all, verses that will help you live a holy life. For there is life-changing, soul-cleansing, mind-purifying power in the Word of God.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11


I’d love to hear from you…What tips would you give for memorizing scripture?

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