Jul 5, 2023 | Podcast

114: The Whole-Hearted Christian with Kathryn Maack

TLR 109 - Kathryn Maack

Does your spiritual life feel a bit half-hearted?

Though we don’t want it, there is often a disconnect between the person you are and the person you want to be. Especially when it comes to our walk with God.

In this episode of The Living Room podcast, Kathryn Maack shares from her book, Whole: The Life-Changing Power of Relating to God with All of Yourself.  As we seek the Lord with all that we are, He hleps us heal the disconnect so we no longer live a segmented life but become the kind of whole-hearted Christians God wants us to be.

For as we bring Him all that we are, He gives us all that He is!

Links from Show

Kathryn’s Book: Whole: The Life-Changing Power of Relating to God with All of Yourself

Joanna’s Newest Book: Embracing Trust: The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God

Joanna’s Youtube Channel

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