At the Feet of Jesus 2019 | Welcome

Here’s the “At the Feet of Jesus 2019” Bible Reading Journal I promised you!

It’s a great place to record what God’s spoken to your heart during your time in the Word. You’ll find instructions on how to use it on page 3 of the journal.

NOTE: If you’re not interested in using the optional devotional (see below), be sure to follow the “Bible-Reading-Only” instructions at the bottom of page 3.

{{ Get Your Bible Reading Journal  HERE }}

Don't miss Joanna Weaver's "At the Feet of Jesus" Bible Reading Challenge. Learn more at

{{ Get Your Bible Reading Journal  HERE }}

The journal is part of a Bible Reading Challenge I host at my Facebook page. Please take a moment to go to the following page to learn how to use your journal and take part in AT THE FEET OF JESUS 2019!

{{ Learn more about Reading Challenge  HERE }}

Don’t miss this important step – head over right now!

Can’t wait to journey through the Word together!

Optional Devotional Add-On

At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna WeaverFor those who’d like to add a devotional to their daily reading, we’ll be using my devotional, At the Feet of Jesus: Daily Devotions to Nurture a Mary Heart.

  • Read SAMPLE from the devotional

You can purchase a copy here:

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