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Used by more than 15,000 groups, Joanna’s video studies help participants grow closer to God and each other. Her newest  study is available for steaming now!!

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EmbracingTrust Study

In this 10-session study, filmed in and around Glacier National Park in northwest Montana, best=selling author Joanna Weaver shares fresh insights on how we can trust God more.

  • Features 11- to 13-minute teaching sessions by Joanna
  • Designed to be used with Embracing Trust 
  • Includes printable workbook & viewer pages
  • Leader’s guide available with group option
  • Perfect for group and individual study

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Why Should You Lead Or Do This Study?

✓ You know you need to trust God more, but you’re not sure where to start

✓ You want to lead a Bible study that brings your group closer to Jesus but also each other

✓ You’re tired of trusting God one day only to doubt Him the next

✓ You’re looking for a study that’s accessible for beginners but satisfying for those ready to go deeper

✓ You want to have an unshakeable faith in God that lasts – no matter the storm

✓ You sense God asking you to lead a Bible study, but you don’t feel qualified


Designed for use with the book, Embracing Trust, each one of the ten-week lessons includes video teaching from Joanna, assigned reading in book and workbook Bible study questions. Includes three short bonus videos featuring tools to help build a deeper trust and sweeter friendship with God.

Begin Your Bible Study

Purchase streaming rights for individual or group study. Buy book(s) and print study guide(s). Watch teaching session and use workbook viewer guide to take notes.

Doing the Study

Each week, read the assigned chapters and do the corresponding homework. Record what you’ve learned. Watch videos via computer or mobile device. Share what spoke to you.

Grow Your Relationship with God

Use the teachings and what you’ve learned in the study to cultivate a deeper trust in God. Watch bonus “Tool Time” videos for practical tools to help you grow your faith.


Designed for use with Joanna’s book, Embracing Trust: The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God, each week’s lesson includes an 11- to 13-minute teaching video that corresponds to assigned reading and Bible study homework in the FREE downloadable workbook..

GROUP STUDY: If leading the study in a group, please purchase that option. It includes a detailed Leader’s Guide to help direct the study, integrate optional material and facilitate discussion.

New to digital products? Here are some “TIPS FOR STREAMING.”

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Week One – Journey to Trust


Tool Time: Memorize Scripture

Week Two – Total Surrender & Unshakeable Faith


Week Three – Laying Down Fig Leaves & Not-So-Great Expectations

VIDEO: A Peace-filled life

Week Four – Upside-Down Kingdom

VIDEO: Citizens of a different kingdom

Tool Time: Bible Reading Highlights

Week Five – Smashing Idols & Living Beyond Your Dreams

VIDEO: The gift of trials

Week Six – The Unoffendable Heart

VIDEO: Hammering Out Forgiveness

Week Seven – Believing God

VIDEO: New Point of View

Tool Time: Journal the Journey

Week Eight – Content in His Love & The Gift of Discipline

VIDEO: Delightful Boundaries

Week Nine – Faith Over Fear & God-Sized Prayers

VIDEO: Walking On Water

Week Ten – Resting In God’s Sovereignty & Legacy of Trust

VIDEO: Preparing the Way

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“Having read a couple of Joanna Weaver’s books in the past, so I knew this study would be great. Sure enough, it did not let our Bible study group down. We thoroughly enjoyed her teaching style and the workbook has great suggestions for growing as a Christian woman in this busy world full of so many distractions. Highly recommend this study!!”

Bible Study Leader

Karen Ehman

“Embracing Trust will beautifully and practically equip you to live a life of confident hope.”

New York Times bestselling author of Trusting God in All the Things

M. Ladra

“The women in our Bible study say it’s one of the best ones they’ve done. They are learning about themselves and who God wants them to be.”

Bible Study Leader

Dr. Jodi Detrick

“Have you ever read a book that completely skewered yet somehow soothed your soul – each in the best possible way? This is a book sturdy enough to handle (and challenge) your doubts while fostering your exuberant embrace of trust in a forever-faithful God. This is your next life-changing read.”

Author of The Jesus-Hearted Woman and The Settled Soul

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

When you purchase the Embracing Trust video study, you will be asked to enter a password. Use that password and your email to log in at https://www.joannaweaverbooks.com/my-account.

How does the study work?

The study is designed to be done over 10 weeks, but since you will have full access to the study, you can work through it at your own pace. Everything you need is included in the course, including:

  • Ten 11- to 13-minute teaching sessions and three bonus videos
  • Bible study workbook with viewer pages available for printing
  • Leader’s guide comes with group purchase
How do groups stream the study?

The Embracing Trust video Bible study is a digital product that can only be accessed online. Unlike Joanna’s other studies, there isn’t a DVD-version of this study.

To access the course after purchase:

  • Go to JoannaWeaverBooks.com/my-account
  • Enter email and the password that you set up after purchasing course
  • Click on desired “Week” to access study materials

This study is designed to be watched via computer, tablet, mobile phone, or Smart TV with web browser function.

If you desire to project the videos onto a large TV or screen for group study, here’s what you’ll need:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Ability to access web browser on laptop or Smart-TV (or screenshare from mobile or tablet via Apple TV).
  • Recommended: Computer/laptop with necessary cables and adaptors

For best results, connect TV or projector directly to computer/laptop via HDMI cable using any necessary adapters. Wireless solutions like Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast work but don’t always result in a reliable connection.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with someone experienced with online streaming who can help you set up the needed equipment and practice accessing the study a week or so before the study. Write down the steps for streaming along with Wi-Fi passwords and troubleshooting tips so that you can refer to it each week.

For more in-depth information, check out these resources:

If I’ve read the book, should I still do the study?

Absolutely! Rather than repeating material in the book, Embracing Trust: The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God, this study helps you go deeper through video lessons, Bible study questions, and exercises.

Can I ask Joanna a question?

If you have any question or need help with the study website, please reach out to info@joannaweaverbooks.com 

What if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password here https://www.joannaweaverbooks.com/my-account/lost-password at anytime. For additional help, please reach out to info@joannaweaverbooks.com.

TLR 092 - Embracing Trust with Joanna Weaver

About Joanna

Joanna Weaver is the best-selling author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, which has sold over a million copies. Other books include Embracing Trust, Having a Mary SpiritLazarus Awakening, and a devotional, At the Feet of Jesus. Her books and companion video Bible studies have been used by hundreds of churches as well as home groups and individuals.

A pastor’s wife, mother of three, podcaster, and avid Bible teacher, Joanna loves speaking to women about the powerful freedom that is found in making Jesus Lord and trusting Him with things bigger than themselves. 

Joanna lives with her family in the beautiful “Big Sky” state of Montana.

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