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Letting go of control is hard-
Unless we hold on to something greater

Trusting God. It’s such a cliché. Yet nothing means more to our heavenly Father than when we surrender our lives completely to Him and choose to believe He has our best in mind. David modeled that kind of deliberate dependence: as a shepherd boy, as a man running for his life, as a king who made grave mistakes. In both triumph and failure, David looked to God rather than to himself. And we can do the same.

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Living in a fallen world ensures that we all have trust issues on some level. Hard things happen. People wound us. Friends let us down. Without us realizing it, our trust issues with people can become trust issues with God.

In Embracing Trust, Joanna shares her own journey and invites you to a deeper trust in God. Through stories, Scripture, and an exploration of the life of David, you’ll discover how to:

  • cultivate a deeper, more meaningful friendship with Jesus
  • let go of things that keep you from fully trusting in God
  • build an unshakeable faith that stands firm in troubling times,
  • leave a legacy of trust that blesses future generations

If you struggle with disappointment from the past, frustration with the present, or fear of the future, Joanna invites you to relinguish control and put your trust in a forever-faithful Father. For as you embrace trust in God, you’ll find yourself held by a Love that will never let you go.

The book also includes a 10-week companion Bible study.




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Embracing Trust - Cover

What Others are Saying

Sheila Walsh Headshot

Sheila Walsh

author of Holding on When you Want to Let Go

“In this beautiful book, Joanna unpacks for us the life-changing gift of trust. When your world feels overwhelming and out of control, she reminds us from Scripture and her own story that we have never actually been in control but that God always has and is.”

Holley Gerth Headshot

Holley Gerth

bestselling author of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days

“Joanna Weaver has done it again–created a book that shares familiar Biblical truth in a new, life-changing way. Her words will encourage your heart, deepen your faith, and show you how to embrace God’s best for you more than ever before.”

Ruth Graham Headshot

Ruth Graham

author of Transforming Loneliness

“Trusting God is fundamental to faith, but so few of us embrace it with all its ramifications for our daily life. Joanna Weaver has given us a practical guide to help us embrace life-changing trust. I was convicted, challenged, and encouraged!”

Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels

worship leader, songwriter, author of The Life You Long For

“Joanna has personally championed me as a daughter of God and as a writer over the past fifteen years, so I am overjoyed that she has gifted us with this much-needed and anticipated offering! Embracing Trust is an invitation and a road map to living in the wholeness and freedom that comes from truly trusting God. May you read and discover his unrivaled peace as you learn to hold onto him in faith in every season and circumstance!”

Karen Ehman Headshot

Karen Ehman

New York Times bestselling author of Trusting God in All the Things and Make Their Day; Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker; wife and mother of five

“If you have zero trouble loving God but find that always trusting him in the midst of your circumstances is much more difficult to do, this inspiring resource was written just for you! Joanna Weaver’s Embracing Trust will beautifully and practically equip you to live a life of confident hope. You’ll learn to calm your fears with faith as you replace your doubts with a determination to see God’s hand in all of life. Highly recommended!”

Tricia Goyer Heashot

Tricia Goyer

bestselling author of over 80 books including Heart Happy

“As with all her excellent books, Joanna Weaver writes from deep in her heart. Do you have a hiss of discontent striking your soul? Then this book is for you. Within these pages, you’ll learn the beauty of trusting the One who designed our hearts. I sensed God’s love within these pages. Embracing Trust goes beyond inspiration and enjoyment to transformation. It’s perfect for sharing with a friend or a group!”

Rachel Kang Headshot

Rachel Marie Kang

author of Let There Be Art

“Joanna Weaver shares stories that soothe the soul and words that speak to matters of the heart. Kindly, gently, tenderly–she leads us to see the truth about God and to trust his love for us. If you’re tired of striving for perfection, peace, and control, this book will guide you through letting go and embracing the gift of grace . . . as well as the God who freely gives it.”

Robin Gunn Headshot

Robin Jones Gunn

bestselling author of over 100 books including Victim of Grace

“Joanna dove deeply when she lovingly wrote this book. You’ll dive deeply, too, as you turn each page and find yourself growing in your trust and your love for God. Ideal for a group study.”

Carol Kent Heashot

Carol Kent

Executive Director of Speak Up Ministries, author of He Holds My Hand

“If you’ve struggled with fear, uncertainty, disappointment, discouragement, or doubt, read this book. Joanna Weaver has written a masterpiece. Each chapter is a work of art that acknowledges our challenges and then provides faith-building action steps that can rebuild trust in our always-faithful God. Are you looking for a book to study with friends? This is it! Joanna’s biblical depth, real-life stories, practical applications, and nuggets of truth will ignite fresh faith and a firm confidence in the One who never changes.”

Dr Jodi Detrick Headshot

Dr. Jodi Detrick

author of The Jesus-Hearted Woman 
and The Settled Soul

“Have you ever read a book that completely skewered yet somehow soothed your soul–each in the best possible way? I just finished reading Embracing Trust: The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God by Joanna Weaver and I’ll admit, I both ouched and ahhh-ed my way through its beautifully written, burgeoning-with-truth pages. In Joanna’s moving personal stories (hers and others) and relatable metaphors, I recognized my own tendency to wander the maze of human mistrust towards God, especially when life scrapes away all hope and circumstances make absolutely zero sense. (Ouch.) But then my wise in-real-life friend, Joanna, weaves together solid Scriptural truths with fresh perspectives on why genuinely trusting God makes all the sense in the world–why it’s both logical and liberating to those of us with wary, weary souls. (Ahhh.) This is a book sturdy enough to handle (and challenge) your doubts while fostering your exuberant embrace of trust in a forever-faithful God. Get ready to be skewered and soothed as you learn to let go and hold on. This is your next life-changing read.”

Meet the Author Joanna Weaver

Meet the Author

Joanna Weaver

Joanna Weaver is the bestselling and award-winning author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, as well as Having a Mary Spirit and Lazarus Awakening. A pastor’s wife, mother of three, and avid Bible teacher, Joanna loves speaking to women about the powerful freedom that is found in making Jesus Lord and trusting him for things bigger than themselves. She lives with her family in Hamilton, Montana.

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