The Mary-Hearted Woman

Do you long to grow in your walk with God?

I know I do.

It’s been my life-long prayer – that I might grow closer to Jesus each and every day. But, to be honest, I haven’t always known how.

I was a 28-year-old pastor’s wife before I was given the tools I needed to have an intimate friendship with Jesus. I understand what it’s like to struggle. I know what it’s like to wonder … “Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?”

One of the reasons I write books and Bible studies is to share the tools that have helped me. And it’s part of the reason I created this website as well. As you scroll through the links and pages, I hope you’ll find encouragement that help you meet Jesus in a fresh, new way!

Because He didn’t choose you to use you, my friend…He chose you to know you. To walk and talk with you each and every day.

My Books & Video Studies

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Some Encouraging Words

Here are a few posts to encourage you in your walk with Him…

How to Study the Bible

Living for Jesus




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