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Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Study

A 10-Session Video Bible Study designed to be used with book and separate study guide – perfect for group and individual study.

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About the Video Study

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is not just a book — it now has a companion DVD Bible Study!

The video sessions feature all-new material taught by Joanna Weaver and filmed in her home. For the “Living Room Intimacy” our hearts long will never be found in “Kitchen Service” busyness for God. But as we spend time sitting at Jesus’s feet, He will fill us so that He can spill us – pouring out His love to the world as we learn to rest in the love He has for us.

The participant’s Study Guide, designed to be used with the book, gives women tools to go deeper in their relationship with God as well as each other.

(Study can be expanded to 11- or 12-weeks using suggestions in Leader Guide. See other study options below.)

The DVD Study Pack includes:

  • Ten 20-minute video sessions plus “Developing a Quiet Time” bonus session taught by Joanna.
  • Nine “Word Time” bonus videos filled with practical tips for studying God’s Word.
  • A copy of the participant Study Guide designed to help members engage with Scripture and each other in meaningful ways. (Can be purchased separately. See sample.)
  • Downloadable Leader Guide with outlines and suggestions for leading weekly meetings.
  • Bonus material in the DVD pack includes: short promo video, posters, flyers, invite cards, memory verses, and a lot more! (See Book Site.)
  • Special Feature! Retreat Guide turns teaching sessions into a special event, complete with UPDATED Retreat Journal and meaningful activities.

About the Study Guide

After you’ve read the assigned portion in the book, begin to work through the questions and exercises in this guide. They are designed to help you reflect on God’s Word and apply it. (Please note that I quote primarily from the 1984 edition of the New International Version, and most questions are shaped around that translation.)

Each week’s lesson also includes:


  • A “Word Time” sidebar. These are designed to give you tools to go deeper in your Bible study. Corresponding videos will be shown in class if there is time.
  • A “Make a Plan” assignment. Each week, you’ll be encouraged to come up with action steps to apply the truths you’ve learned as you follow through on that plan during the upcoming week.
  • A memory verse. Over the course of the study, you’ll be asked to memorize nine verses. If that seems too overwhelming, choose two or three  verses to focus on. Don’t worry; I’ll share some memorizing techniques that have helped me!
  • A video guide. With fill-in-the-blank prompts, these pages help capture key points from the DVD session so that you can refer to them later.
  • A “Closing Time” reflection. At the end of each lesson you’ll have a chance to respond to what the Lord has impressed on your heart throughout the week and in the teaching session.

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If you’re looking for a Bible study that will meet the needs of all the women in your church – those new to Bible study as well as those who’ve done studies for years – you’re in the right place! Get all of the resources you need to run a Bible Study for your group.

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