“Now watch for cars…”

by | Apr 7, 2008

John and the kids left Cabos a few days before the women’s conference and it was a sad goodbye. We had enjoyed an incredible week together. But now, the older two had to get back to college and John and Josh needed to get back home.

It was hard to let them go. Especially when I realized it would be several weeks before I saw Josh – for the third installment in my international travels would involve going half way around the world to China.

I’d never been apart from my little buddy that long, so I was pretty weepy. “It’s okay, Mommy.” Josh wiped at my tears as I held him in my arms the morning they left. “Just call to Jesus.”

And then, just before he got into the shuttle to the airport, he put his arms around me and reassured me, “Remember, the angels are watching out for you, Mommy.” But before that, he added something a little odd. “Now watch for cars…”

I don’t know if my son’s admonition was prophetic or not, but it certainly was applicable. For when I arrived in Hong Kong and later in China, I discovered the true meaning behind the phrase: “the quick or the dead.”

I landed in Hong Kong late in the evening and was met by my host, Ha Gavlik. She’d arranged a driver to take us to the event site where I would be speaking. But as we drove through the city, I could hardly take it all in. I’m not sure what I was expecting and I obviously hadn’t done my geography homework, for I didn’t realize that Hong Kong itself is a city of seven million built on a rocky, yet lush, mountainous island. I can’t wait to share a bit more with you about the conference.

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