Hong Kong Women’s Conference

by | Apr 17, 2008

Hong Kong hosts the most skyscrapers in the world – 7681 – compared to second place, New York, with 5627. With only 25% of the island developed, and with most of the remaining land protected, the only way is up! Way, way up!

So when I woke up the next morning in my host’s apartment, it was quite a shock to look out the window and find myself suspended against the mountain side looking down at the ocean inlet below. Beautiful! But definitely vertigo-inducing!

The women’s conference was lovely and literally a cross-cultural experience with the majority of the women there attending from scores of countries around the world. New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Australia – it was amazing to meet sisters from every part of the globe. Not to mention, quite a few from Texas! Love those southern gals!

It was wonderful sharing God’s Word with hungry hearts. The team that hosted the event did a beautiful job, making it a perfect day in every way. Two other events allowed us to meet some other incredible women, and in between we enjoyed a lot of sightseeing with some incredible tour guides.

And while the traffic was wild, and I will never forget the double decker bus ride over the Aberdeen pass, I fell in love with the women of Hong Kong and can’t wait to go back someday!

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