Having A Mary Heart, Gift Edition!

by | Jun 23, 2008

Welcome to the blog tour for the gift edition of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World!

The tour will run June 16th through the 27th!

A new outfit can make a girl smile — especially if it’s extra beautiful! After publishing Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Life for seven years in paperback, Waterbrook Press is celebrating their tenth anniversary by giving my book a facelift. And I must say, those two sisters from Bethany are looking mighty fine!

The new gift edition is in hard cover and has a lovely two-color interior design. While the text remains the same, I think you’ll enjoy the gentle art that welcomes you in with soft colors and soothing spaces, as well as the pages in the back for journaling what God is teaching you.

Thank you for allowing me into your life through the pages of a book. It is a wonderful privilege, and one I don’t take lightly. Until we meet at Jesus’ feet, dear sister of mine, keep choosing the “Better Part!”

To celebrate the release, we’ll be giving away 7 copies of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World…all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog. And if you’ve read the book already — leave me a comment telling me which chapter was your favorite…and why! I’ll choose 7 winners (randomly) to receive a copy of my latest re-release of With This Ring! You can read more about that book here!Contest goes to June 30th and we’ll announce the winners on July 7th!

Mellissa at Wonder Mommy
This is a must read for all women that live in today’s world. We are striving to find our relationship with the Lord without feeling inadequate. It is hard for us to find a way to serve the Lord in this hectic life. Miss Weaver helps us find the way in this book; we can serve like Mary in this Martha World. I highly recommend this book to all.

Mary at Home Steeped Hope
I was raised by a Mary-heart! And I’m such a Martha. This non-fiction gift edition spoke to my heart, whispered to me of “living room intimacy with God”, “fruitful living”, the wisdom and desirability of keeping God at the center of my busy life, how to work through the “Lazarus Moments” of life…I highly highly recommend it to you all, may it re-awaken your soul as it has mine.

Camy at Camy’s Loft
With her fresh approach to the familiar Bible story, Joanna Weaver shows how all of us–Marys and Marthas alike–can draw closer to our Lord: deepening our devotion, strengthening our service, and doing both with less stress and greater joy.

Cara at Cara’s Musings
Then Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World arrived in the mail. I didn’ t have an excuse to wonder about the book. Now I could pick it up and read through it — see what it had to offer. I haven’t finished it yet, but I am savoring it. The book is balanced on the Mary/Martha question , and the author actually shows how Martha did gain a Mary side without losing what made her Martha.

Jennifer at So Many Books, So Little Time

Katrina at Callapidder Days
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is easy to read, yet packed with truth that can be life-changing. As I read through it, I found myself encouraged and challenged anew to accept Jesus’ invitation to choose “the better part” — pursuing deeper intimacy with him.

Amy at In Pursuit of Proverbs 31
I couldn’t put the book down. The message is biblical, the concepts are practical, and the way it is written is very personable and you can very easily relate to her.

Angie at God Uses Broken Vessels

Deborah at A Cup of Joy
I found it so encouraging, like a tall, cool, refreshing drink to a thirsty soul. Looking for a book that will minister to your heart and build your faith? Look no further.

Amy at Amy’s Random Thoughts
I did not read the back or the inside, I just read and let me tell you, it rocked! It helps light a fire and helps increase your desire on being the person God created you to be, not necessarily who you want to be and who doesn’t want that. Most of you know my personality. There is not one person I would not recommend this too.

Gina at Writer, Interrupted
What I like about this book is that it starts with the traditional story of Mary and Martha, but sheds new light on the two sisters. Whenever I read the story, I pictured Mary as a slacker and Martha having to pick up all the slack. But through Joanna Weavers words and my own study of Biblical times, I’ve come to realize that it’s more realistic for Mary to have started out helping in the kitchen, as was the woman’s custom. Though eventually she ended up at Jesus’ feet. Somewhere along the way from getting ready for company she made her way to Jesus’ side.

Heather at Mumblings of A Mommy Monk

Mindy at Ponderings of the Heart
When I was offered the chance to blog about this book, I jumped at the chance. I had never read it before but had heard wonderful things about it.

I was not disappointed! On the contrary, I feel like I have grown so much already and I still have a few more chapter’s to go. The way that Joanna writes makes me feel like I am sitting at a table having a conversation with her. It is very easy to read and is full of great advice on how we Martha’s can learn to choose the “better part” as Mary did and sit at Jesus’ feet.

Melody at Kids, Cakes, Dishes, Laundry…in that order
I needed this book like we need rain here deep in the heart ‘o Texas. I’m not going to tell you that this book changed my life (’cause I actually have to, you know, make the changes my own self), but I will tell you that this book has opened my eyes to things I’d not seen before, and helped me understand some things that I had seen, but struggled to fully understand. I was truly amazed as I read this book how much I needed to read it…

Pam at Without Fear
I was not disappointed. Conviction came, but so did applicable and practical knowledge. I didn’t find condemnation. I found what God so liberally wants to pour out on all of us, not just “Martha’s” . . . I found grace. There is hope for even me.

To be real honest, I haven’t finished the book yet. It is not one to be read in an afternoon, but to be savored and chewed on (not literally), but one to take time to underline and process a bit at a time. I am enjoying that process thoroughly, and God has met me each and every time I have taken a moment to pick it up and delve in to what He is choosing to teach me through the words He gave Joanna. So I can wholeheartedly recommend Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World to anyone who wants to be changed. Just open the book. I am sure glad I did.

Laura at Texas Okie
In this book, Joanna Weaver invites us to join Christ even in our busy lives. She shows us how the Mary’s and the Martha’s are alike and how we can be a little bit of both. We can have a closer relationship with Jesus by deepening our devotion, strengthening our service and doing both with less stress and more joy.

Margaret at The Cappuccino Life
Joanna Weaver is an excellent writer and this book gets to the “heart” of the matter…keeping our heart attitude right in the midst of a frantic and care-laden world. I knew before I opened the book that I tend to be a Martha-I get all caught up in the activities of faith and life, and find it difficult to sit in quiet at the feet of my Lord. It’s not that I don’t try. But whenever I get settled, I find a reason to pop up-the kettle boils, the baby needs me, we’re having company in a few hours and I forgot to scrub the toilet…I am one who wants to do….all the time.

Jamie at Surviving the Chaos
Personally I “enjoyed” “Lord, Don’t You Care?” If you can call it enjoyment to look at the pages and know someone has been spying on your black heart. “What about me?” My envious little mind whines when everyone wants ice cream and I haven’t sat down for my dinner yet. But I’m learning. Learning the three D’s and I’m catching on. If I can just nip distraction in the bud (okay, so I’m not sure I can do that) I can avoid discouragement (let’s say I nip this one in the bud instead) and keep the doubt out of my life. Ya think?

Tabitha at Making It Up As I Go Along
There were things to be done and Mary wasn’t helping.
That was my view until I read this book. This was the first time it clicked for me. Martha didn’t have to be doing all that she was doing. Martha could have been sitting at Jesus’ feet also but chose to go over and beyond the call of duty.
Honestly, my favorite chapter is Chapter 1. That’s when I had my “A-ha!” moment. It started to make sense and the rest of the book escalated from that pivotal moment.

Gretchen at Inspire Me
http://dreamwriter07.blogspot.com/2008/06/having-mary-heart-in-martha-world-by.htmlThis book has been a part of my recent desire for spiritual growth to not just read my Bible, study it and pray, but to stop and listen to God – daily.

Leticia at My Daily Trek
This book really taught me so much about myself, my relationship with Jesus and how to have a better more meaningful relationship with Him.

Kelly at Love Well
I think that’s because it resonates with every woman, no matter her circumstances, temperament or personality. We all struggle to balance our driven-by-achievement Martha with our longing-to-worship Mary. Joanna does a beautiful job of exploring the nuances of these sweet sisters and — more importantly — teaching us to incorporate their best qualities into our own lives.

LaShaunda at See Ya on the Net

Melodee at Actual Unretouched Photo
This book is lovely to look at, easy to read and chock full of encouragement and empathy. It includes a 12-week Bible study guide, making it ideal for individual and group study.

Laura at Lighthouse Academy
In this book, Joanna Weaver shows us that we can draw nearer to our Lord. With personal stories, short easy to read chapters, and a study guide, she teaches us how we can balance work with worship, a shows us a simple plan for a half-day of prayer.

I enjoyed reading HAVING A MARY HEART IN A MARTHA WORLD and really learned a lot from reading it. Like Martha I long to bask at Jesus’ feet, but life keeps me busy, so my relationship with Jesus sometimes took a back seat.

Elise at A Path Made Straight
But as I dove into this restful book, my heart became calmer and more accepting about this busy life. So many chapters spoke again and again of the need for releasing worry, lowering expectations while still desiring excellence, and (best of all), living so that Jesus “sticks out all over”! (Sweet story on page 108)

Diane at Diane’s Place
All in all a lovely book and well written. I plan to give my copy away soon, but not just yet. I’m still reading and soaking in some of the truths it lays out so eloquently. Look for the giveaway in a week or so.

Billie at Hearing the Music Amongst the Noise
I once heard a respected author share that a good book should have something underlineable on each page. Rarely have I ever read such a book, but without a doubt this book has something to underline on every page.

Cee Cee at Book Splurge
once I started reading I found this is a book I need to spend devotional time exploring. The author uses humor and stories from her own life to offer tips on how to find intimacy with God. I haven’t finished reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World; but over the next couple of weeks, I hope to use it to make changes in my too busy, often weary life.

Joy at The Five J’s
I’ve mentioned before that I’m an absolute book nut. But not every book that comes into my house stays. If it’s not good enough to make the cut, it gets traded at the bookstore; a book has to have a “special something” to secure a permanent home on my bookshelves.
But Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is definitely staying at home with me.

Paula at Reviews By Two

Joanna’s book is one of the very few I’ve seen on the market that addresses our innermostthoughts, desires, and struggles between the Martha side of us and the Mary. She addresses the hazards of chronic worry – that nail-biting thought that usually starts out small and ends with a box of tissue and deep agitation. As Joanna so effectively puts it, “If my God isn’t bigger than life, then my life is bigger than God and that’s when anxiety takes over.”

Deena at A Peek At My Bookshelf
For a Bible teacher, Joanna’s books are a dream! Each book is filled with side bar list and quotes, as well as those boxes of ‘thoughts boiled down to simplicity’ that you can meditate on for days.

Her style of writing is engaging and her presentation is practical. This is teaching that you can immediately put into practice. Joanna’s knowledge of Scripture makes her instruction something you can bank on as well. Her book is filled with references to other passages of the Bible that support each point she makes.

Sarah at Real Life
As I was preparing for this review, looking back through the book, I realized that I really want to read it again. And that is not like me. Once is usually enough, thank you. I feel this is a book that one could read many times, and glean different “nuggets” each time, depending on what God’s doing in your heart at the time. This time, I’m going to use the study guide in the back, and maybe suggest it to the ladies in my church small group.

So from my more-Mary-like heart, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know Jesus, and the rest for your soul that He promised.

Karla at Looking Towards Heaven
Joanna Weaver’s wonderful book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World has been republished as a gift edition. It is a book that helped reshape my relationship with the Lord – one in which I strive to just sit as His feet and listen.

Barb at A Chelsea Morning
This amazing book is a how-to guide to slowing down and remembering that you can run around in circles, being the perfect answer to everyone’s simplest need, but if you don’t know how to stop and listen to the sweet, gentle voice of your Saviour, you really are just running around in circles, and circles lead to nowhere.

Amy at My Friend Amy
I always hear women talk about how they are a Martha who wishes they could be a Mary. This is the kind of book where you read the first few pages, and you think, wow someone gets me! It’s a fantastically easy book to read that will also meet you exactly where you’re at. Recommended for all women in our crazy busy society!

Melody at Slurping Life
I have been a Christian since childhood, but my relationship with God has gone the way of many of today’s marriages…letting routine busyness take the place of intimacy. Joanna’s book has broken my heart, and it has sparked a passion for regaining my intimacy with Christ. Joanna speaks about the process of writing Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World much as I felt about the process of reading it…

Audra at Penning Prose
Joanna’s ability to weave storytelling with scriptural truth creates a powerful message that zeroes in on the heart of a woman and takes root. Her gentle conversational tone makes you feel like your sitting in the kitchen of a dear and wise friend listening to her speak truth into your life.

Christy at At Split Ends

Revka at The Porch Light

Susan at His Reading List
Joanna could have written this book just for me!

Lauren at Baseballs and Bows
In Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Joanna Weaver delves into this story to help us apply it to our lives today.

Chris at Come To the Table

Brittanie at A Book Lover

Kristy at I Need To Read

Patty at Girlfriends in God
Joanna’s book has given us gentle reminders of the importance of finding initmate moments with God in our very busy lives. If you haven’t read this book, please do yourself a favor and do so!!!

Dee at Dee’s Christian Fiction

July 6th
Trish at Books for Mom

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