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by | Feb 9, 2011

Wow, so I’ve finally succumbed to the gravitational pull of the Facebook universe. I have to admit, its pretty wonderful hearing from old friends as well as new – not to mention seeing your pretty faces in those minuscule 1/2 inch photos that pop up by your name. (At least I think that’s you!) I’ve resisted being on Facebook because, as I’ve put it, “I don’t need another arena in which to fail!” But my assistant Amy insists that you will understand and won’t take it personally if I don’t answer every post. You’d think that being a writer would mean I’d be good at correspondence, but I really stink at it. (Which you probably know if you’ve ever emailed me.) So consider yourself warned – it’s Amy’s fault!! For now, I’ll just be hanging out at my Facebook Author Page http://facebook.com/becominghis. So LIKE me there!

DALLAS UPDATE – Had an awesome time in Dallas at Highland Park Presbyterian Women’s Conference even though six inches of snow fell the day before! Everyone was stir-crazy from being stuck in the house for four days so we had twenty-five more women show up then pre-registered. What amazing ladies! I seriously want to be southern girl, ya’ll.

LAZARUS AWAKENING is officially in stores as of yesterday! And if you happen to be in Montana the next two weekends, I’ll be signing Lazarus Awakening at the following wonderful stores:

BITTERROOT CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE in Hamilton, MT on Friday, Feb 11th – 3-6 pm and GARDEN OF READN in Missoula, MT on Saturday, Feb 19th – 1-3 pm

Love to see you there!

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