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by | Jan 16, 2013

I’m loving all the rich “Thru the Word 2013” dialogue we are having at my Facebook page – (Find out more about this at the bottom of this post.)

If you haven’t begun reading through the Bible this year, it’s not too late to start. You can go to, print off your reading guide and start today. If you’d like to read the same portions as the rest of us, just click on January 1st and start with Genesis. You can use the reflection days scattered throughout and at the end of the month to catch up.

The story of Joseph has so many powerful facets, but today’s entry really spoke to me about the times when life
isn’t fair and people don’t follow through the way they said they would – the
way they should.
Joseph had so many
reasons to be offended. Angered at his brothers who’d sold him into slavery. Resentful of Potipher who’d threw him in prison for something he didn’t do. More than put out with the cupbearer who’d neglected to remember to mention him to Pharoah
after interpreting the man’s dream.

How many times do we – do I! – give up in disgust when we’re
mistreated, misrepresented or forgotten? Joseph’s story reminds me that God is
not unaware of those moments. In fact, very often, He is directly involved in those moments. Even the painfully unjust times when it feels like everyone has forgotten me – including God.

But then, finally, it happened. The Bible tells us: “Two full years later, Pharoah dreamed…” Two
full years later, the cupbearer remembered his unpaid debt to Joseph. It wasn’t according to Joseph’s timeline, that’s for sure. Thirteen years was a long time to be locked up for something you didn’t do, and yet, in God’s plan, the timing couldn’t be more exquisite.

Had the
man fulfilled his promise right away, Joseph may have been released, but as a friend
pointed out, it would have been as a convicted criminal. However, the cupbearer remembered at just the right time. As a result, Joseph was not only
released from prison, he was exalted to the highest position in the land,
second-in-command only to Pharaoh.

What might God want to do in my life  and yours if we would only trust Him?

That’s what Joseph’s story teaches me. Give God with your
hurts, your injustices, your confusion and pain. Trust Him with your forgotten, seemingly wasted years. Then watch what
He will do.

NOTE about FACEBOOK: When I first joined Facebook I had to establish a personal page as well as a fan page. That’s been very confusing at times! After looking at a lot of options, I’ve decided to start posting on both pages at least for the time being.

I apologize for the overabundance of “Joanna Weaver” that has suddenly appeared in your newsfeed, but since I’ve started doing it, I’ve had a lot more interaction – especially on my personal page.

IF YOU HAVE COMMITTED TO READING THRU THE BIBLE in 2013, I’d suggest that you go to and send me a friend request. That’s where the bulk of the conversation is being shared and we’d love to hear your thoughts as we journey through the Word of God together. But be sure to post on the other page as well! We don’t want anyone to be left out.


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