Thru the Word 2013 | Guest Post by Christy Fitzwater

by | Apr 1, 2013

Note from Joanna: 
I’m pleased to share our guest blogger with you today, Christy
Fitzwater.  We share some fun things in
common but you can find out more about that at the end of today’s post!

I was calling from Kampala, Uganda, on a cell phone with
limited minutes, to talk to my family in Montana.   

My 7 year-old son got on the phone and immediately
started crying.  He had forgotten to get
a field trip form from his teacher, and wondered what he was going to do.  I couldn’t get a word in, as he talked
nonstop about his anxiety.  I kept trying
to tell him that Daddy would have to take care of it but he wasn’t letting me
get a word in.  In his mind the Mom was
in charge of field trip forms, so I guess he was thinking I would somehow take
care of it from across the planet.  I
finally interjected loudly and firmly, “Give the phone to your Daddy! 

We’ve all faced this scenario at one time or
another.    Something unexpected and upsetting interrupts
our day, and all of a sudden we find ourselves anxious and inconsolable, just
like my little boy. 

King David knows just how we feel and He found the remedy
to these anxious thoughts.  He is troubled
when he says, “Why are you downcast, O my soul? 
Why so disturbed within me?” 
(Psalm 43:5, NIV)  

David talked to

When I hung up the phone my husband got a hold of my son and
calmed his fears.  When we are in turmoil
we need to stop ourselves long enough to ask some questions that bring some
reason and calm. 

David asked these

Why are you downcast?
Why are you anxious?
Why are you afraid?
Why are you depressed? 

These questions lead David to recognize his problem.  He had lost the hope that God would take care
of him.  He had forgotten that he had Savior.  He had forgotten the character of God. 

David talked to himself once again and said:  “Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise
him, my Savior and my God.”  (Psalm 43:5,

The next time we find ourselves discouraged and disheartened
we can do as David did:   

Stop our anxious
thoughts and remind our souls of the truth.

How have you learned to put your hope in God
in time of uncertainty?

Christy Fitzwater is a writer and pastor’s wife in
Kalispell, Montana.  They have a
beautiful daughter who is now in college and the little boy she wrote about is now
a 6 foot-tall high school student. 
Christy passion is to help women grow in their relationship with the
You can download Christy’s free Bible study here.  You can connect with Christy at her website here.



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