“Word of God Speak 2014” – Further Instructions

by | Jan 3, 2014

I’m absolutely loving all the comments everyone is leaving at my Facebook page! It’s so rich to hear other people’s insights concerning the chapters of Proverbs we’ve focused on these opening days of January.

Beginning Sunday, rather than focusing on a chapter a DAY, we will assign two to three chapters as our focus for the WEEK. How will that work, you may wonder? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Let me use yesterday as an example: I stopped reading after verse 5 in Proverbs 2 because that verse really stood out to me. So I entered it in my Bible Reading Highlight page and responded to what I felt God saying to me.

Had that chapter been part of the focus of the week rather than a single day, I would have continued reading from verse 6 on. And then, once again, I would have read only until something spoke to my heart. And the next day, started up from there again. With a book as rich as Proverbs, reading a chapter slowly like this could take many days – even a week – to plumb all its depths!

So that’s how it works. I hope that you are not only posting your comments here or on Facebook, but also writing them down somewhere. A journal, a notebook, your computer – somewhere! Believe me, this particular exercise will be one of the most important disciplines you learn on our journey together. You don’t want to forget the nuggets God drops in your heart along the way.

Can’t wait to hear what the Lord speaks to you today!

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