WORD OF GOD SPEAK – This week’s focus

by | Jan 13, 2014

So, today we move into the next two chapters of Mark. But before you begin reading, remember to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to remove any preconceived ideas or biases so that your heart is ready for the wisdom and revelation the Spirit longs to give you.

Then, reading slowly and meditatively:

1. Read only until something speaks to you.
2. Write down the portion read, such as …“Mark 3:1-10.”
3. Write down the verse(s) you want to meditate on and the verse, word- for-word, including the reference.
4. Respond to what you sense God saying   through His Word.
5. Tomorrow, start where you left off in your reading and repeat the process above.

Once again, I suggest reading the first chapter in the first half of the week and the second chapter in the second half of the week. If you make it through the chapter without finding something to meditate on, go to the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to that day’s date. Looking forward to hearing what God speaks to your heart today!

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