6 Ways to Use the Having a Mary Heart DVD Study

by | Nov 17, 2016

Check out all the different ways you can use Joanna Weaver's DVD Study and best-selling book, Having a Mary Heart in Martha World. When it comes to Bible studies, one size doesn’t fit all…

Each group is unique. Some women love longer studies, preferring to dive into material for several months.

Other women like their Bible study in six-week chunks.

Some groups love teaching videos, others prefer simple conversation around a book and cup of coffee.

With so many different learning styles and group dynamics, I’m excited to present six different ways you can use Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: DVD Study in your group (some affiliate links used). 

Perhaps you’ll think a seventh or an eighth way to use the curriculum, as you shape the material to meet the specific needs of the people you lead.

One Study – Six Different Ways!

mary-heart-dvd1. Book & DVD Study

Designed to be used with the book and a study guide for each participant, this is the method I suggest for getting the most out of the Bible study.

The 10-week study can be expandable to 11- or 12-weeks using the bonus sessions outlined in the Leader Guide. Learn more about the study and all the resources designed to help you promote and lead it at: www.HavingaMaryHeart.com

2. Book-Only Study Option

When Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World first came out, there wasn’t a Bible study in the back of the book. But then women began contacting me, telling me about the impact the book was having in their small groups and asking if I would create a companion study. So I did, and the popularity of the book began to take off!

Here’s that back-of-the-book study in a downloadable workbook. You can use it alone with the book, or combine it with the teaching videos using the User Guide and Viewer Pages.

3. Six-Week Study Option

For those groups that prefer a shorter study, we’ve chosen six teaching videos and combined chapter reading assignments as well as the  questions in the original back-of-the-book study. The User Guide shows how to bring it all together. (Special thanks to Rachel Krahn for compiling this format!)

Looking for your next book club selection? Check out Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver

4. Book Club Option

Do you prefer something less structured and more conversational? Using Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World in a book club setting may be the perfect fit. Assign chapters one at a time or together, using the discussion guide below. (Special thanks to Crystal Hornback for creating this format.)

Get the Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD GATHERING Discussion Guide. A great way to start a study - no homework or reading required. www.JoannaWeaverBooks.com

5. DVD Gathering Option

Perhaps you have a group that would like to do a study, but homework just isn’t possible. This DVD Gathering allows women to come together and discuss the topics covered in the videos. Can be used in combination with the book club as well. (Special thanks to Rachel Krahn for compiling this format!)

Complete guide for turning Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD Study into a special event! 6. Retreat Option

If you’ve ever wanted to host a special event for your ladies but didn’t have a budget to support bringing in a speaker, this built-in option may be everything you need. Check out last week’s blog post and the beautiful way Jana Kennedy-Spicer used the Having a Mary Heart Retreat Option. Complete with detailed guide, individual retreat journals and all the promotional material you need.

Making It Work For You

I hope that browsing through these different options spurred some fresh creativity on ways you can create doorways for women to come in to your ministry through.

While I love the good, old sit-down-at-tables approach to Bible study, that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

When it comes to women’s ministry, feel free to think outside the box. Even outside the church! Rather than waiting for women to come to you, take your study or book club or DVD gathering to them and watch how God uses His Word to transform their lives.

The Mary-Hearted Leader

I’d like to invite you to watch this webinar created just for study leaders and ministry women! Includes tips for leading from a Mary Heart, lots of special offers as well as an overview of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD Study. Sign up to get access today!


I’d love to hear from you…what is the most creative thing you’ve done with a Bible study?

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