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by | Nov 30, 2016


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When and where do you meet with God?

Maybe it’s in the wee hours of the morning as the sun peeks over the horizon. A closet dedicated as sacred space. Late at night under the glow of the moon, while the world is fast asleep.

A comfy chair in the corner of the den with tear-stained arms. Soft music playing in the background. Or maybe complete silence.

Quiet time.

No matter what yours may look like, it’s the time and place committed to spending one on one time with the Lord.

Maybe your quiet time is lacking? You are not alone, friend.

We all have Martha seasons, when we can’t even remember what quiet means, nor the last time we had a moment of anything similar. There are times when we shuffle through our prayers as quickly as we shuffle our kids out the door for school and activities.

Whatever your prayer time is or isn’t, know that God sees your heart. Don’t beat yourself up during those seasons of pop-up quiet moments (or seconds), but don’t stop striving to channel your inner Mary and get creative about carving out beautiful, intimate time alone with Jesus.

Mary-Heart Challenge

To help you cultivate a deeper and sweeter time with the Lord, and discover new ways to do just that, we would love for you to join in our week-long Mary Heart Instagram Challenge…

{ Sorry, this CHALLENGE IS OVER – but check out the fun by searching #MaryHeartInstaChallenge }

{ And you could always follow me on Instagram – hint, hint! }

This challenge will also build community among our Mary-Hearted sisters from around the world (even if you’re more of a Martha by nature). How fun is that?!

If you don’t have an Instagram account, it’s a free & easy download (IPhone or Android). Be sure to follow Joanna @joannaweaverbooks) to join in the fun!

We have laid it all out for you here:

Challenge Guide: There will be 5 daily challenges, beginning tomorrow, December 1, 2016. (We’ll take the weekend off, returning on Monday, Dec 5 with the Day 3 prompt) !

  • Day 1 – Quiet Time / Bible Study Space
    • Where do you meet with God? Snap a photo & share your serene space.

  • Day 2 – Put Your Feet to Your Faith
    • Take a walk with God. Snap & share a photo somewhere along your prayer walk.
  • Day 3 – Hide The Word
    • Write down some of your favorite scriptures on notecards or in your journal. Snap a photo to share God’s Word with others.
  • Day 4 – Come Before Him with Singing
    • Add worship music to your study time. Snap & share a photo of your computer screen with the name of the artist & song, or screenshot a photo from your phone of the same. Or, share a small video clip of the song with us.
  • Day 5 – Journal Your Journey
    • Write a love note of gratitude to the Lord. Snap & share a photo of something you are grateful for.

Instagram Tips!

Hashtags: Add the following hashtags at the end of your photo comment to be a part of the challenge. Don’t forget these # signs!




“Tag” Joanna: Add the following Instagram tag after your hashtags to ensure that Joanna sees your daily entry. This is also the way to tag any of your friends on Instagram whom you want to invite to join the challenge with us! Don’t forget the @ sign!


Don't miss the MARY-HEART INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE @JoannaWeaverBooks! Runs Nov 30-Dec 8, 2016. For more information, go to to Join & What to Expect

Each day, share the challenge photo to Instagram, including the specific hashtags.

Search those hashtags each day to connect with other Mary-Hearted women and see how others responded to the that day’s challenge.

At the end of the week, everyone who joined in the challenge will be entered to WIN a copy of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha Worldboth the BOOK and DVD STUDY!

I love that we will get a glimpse of one another’s lives while encouraging one another!

I can’t wait to join in this fun challenge with you as we inspire one another with our prayer and study time ideas, and come together at the feet of Jesus.

Crystal HornbackMy Wonderful Virtual Assistant!

This post was written by Crystal Hornback, my amazing VA! Don’t you love her heart?

She’s a momma of three, a youth pastor’s wife, and a mighty, mighty woman of God! Check out her blog and Facebook page and Facebook shop. This girl is talented!

Crystal will be moderating the conversation over at Instagram, so please take time to “heart” and leave comments on each other’s posts. “Follow” each other…

It’s our prayer that you make new Mary-Hearted friends during the challenge!

{ Psst…be sure to stay tune for exciting INSTAGRAM NEWS coming your way the end of December! }

FREE PRINTABLE: For more ways to approach your prayer time and make it beautiful, be sure to download our “Creative Quiet Times” printable.


The Mary-Hearted Woman Webinar

This INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE was created to lead up to “The Mary-Hearted Woman” Webinar. While the InstaChallenge is over, you can watch the webinar any time you’d like. Just sign up here for immediate access:

I’d love to hear from you…What activity would you add to the Quiet Time list? I’d love to hear about your favorite quiet moments with the Lord….

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