ATFJ 2019 | Journaling a Deeper Walk With God

by | Feb 27, 2019

Joanna Weaver shares tips for getting the most out of God's Word. Watch video at www.JoannaWeaverBooks.comI remember the pushback I felt when someone first mentioned journaling to me.

I’d never been one of those people who documented their lives. As a young girl, I’d been given diaries at birthday parties. Remember the kind? Pink and pretty, with a lock and a tiny little key?

The thought of recording my deepest thoughts was appealing, but the discipline just wasn’t there. Plus, my life just wasn’t that exciting. The thought of chronicling every little thing was exhausting. I’d rather live life than write about it.

Still today, I have little desire to capture the minutae of life. But capturing what God is speaking to my heart?

Well, that’s a completely different thing. Because journaling my spiritual journey has literally changed my life. And I believe it can change yours as well.

Here’s a short video from my Lazarus Awakening DVD Bible Study and three tips for using journaling to deepen your walk with God. (Learn more about the study here.)

Word Time: Journaling Resurrection

David’s psalms are, in a sense, his journal where he poured out his heart to God. I’ve found that putting a pen to paper has brought a deeper dimension to my Christian walk as well. I hope you’ll consider incorporating journaling into your quiet time.

Here are a few tips on dialoguing with God that have helped me:

  1. Be honest. David didn’t edit himself; he simply poured out his heart. A journal is a place where we can be real with God so that He becomes more real to us.
  2. Allow God to speak to you. When you sense the Holy Spirit speaking truth to your situation, write down those thoughts in your journal.
  3. Remember what God has done. Journaling helps us remember God’s faithfulness in the past. Record answers to prayers so that you can return to them when new challenges arise.

There is so much power in having a living, breathing conversation with the Lord. A lot of our confusion and emotional turmoil is internal. Spilling it out on paper before the Lord never fails to bring a release for me. I pray you’ll find this type of journaling beneficial as well.

I’d love to hear from you… how has God used journaling in your life? 

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