May 1, 2019 | Podcast

005: Finding Our Identity with Michele Cushatt

“If life was ice cream flavors, I wouldn’t have chosen pain and suffering…”

In this episode, my friend, Michele Cushatt, shares from her personal journey through cancer. She recognizes that while life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned, it doesn’t have to shatter our confidence or steal our joy.

Cancer changed the way Michele looked, talked, worked and lived, forcing her to discover her identity in Christ alone. While wrestling with her pain, she realized that it is often the crucible of suffering that brings purity and depth in our walk with God.

No matter what you’re going through, you are not alone. Though the enemy may intend it for evil, Michele’s story reminds us that if you’ll place it in God’s hands, He will work all of it together for good.

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Important Takeaways from Show

  • Faith is not a transactional relationship that depends on doing all the right things.
  • Cancer and trauma can make visible on the outside our brokenness on the inside.
  • Our natural reaction to pain is to shut down in isolation or push ourselves too hard in perspiration.
  • Rather than running or hiding, we are invited to sit and work through our pain with Jesus, the One who knows and understands it all.
  • We often don’t realize what our identity has been tied to until it is taken away.
  • People often source their identity in careers, roles, talents, appearances, and relationships. But if it can be taken away, it’s not who you are.
  • Our identity must be entrenched in God’s love, the one thing that never changes.
  • The foundational cement under true confidence is humility.
  • Humble confidence is found in honest self-awareness, owning our mistakes and recognizing areas for growth.
  • We are invited to love God for who He is rather than striving to earn His love for what we do.
In the moments of our pain, we need God's presence, not His performance - Michele Cushatt Share on X

"If your identity can be taken away, it is not who you are." Michele Cushatt - The Living Room Podcast #005


Links from Show

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