Jan 6, 2021 | Podcast, The Living Room

050: Learning to Prevail with Susie Larson

“Jesus not only loved us first – He loves us first every day!”

In this episode, my friend and best-selling author, Susie Larson, shares from her new devotional, Prevail: 365 Days of Enduring Strength from God’s Word. During a health crisis, Susie determined to cling to God’s Promises, searching the Bible for evidences and any opportunities to learn from. She began to see her difficult journey as an invitation to follow the Lord on His terms, deciding that if He guides our way, He also gets the say.

God’s promise that the pure in heart will see Him became a reality for Susie. As she responded to God’s loving and purifying work in her heart, she experienced His presence in a sweet and powerful way.

God’s invitation to you and me is the same. If you feel like you’re just surviving, remember God loves you. Draw near to Him, give Him full access to your heart and you too will see how good He is!

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Important Takeaways from Show

  • We are tethered to a good, good God.
  • Prevail means to prove more powerful than your opponent and to be the last one standing.
  • Jesus won a sound victory over the enemy for us. We need to stand in it.
  • The love of God changes us.
  • “If you spend 15 minutes a day pondering how much God loves you, it will change your brain structure” ~ Dr. Tim Jennings
  • Every moment, every hardship, every battle has eternal implications – our part in believing matters.
  • Don’t lead by your feelings. Don’t contradict what God has said to you.
  • Are there any “idols” in your tent? You can recognize them by the fruit it produces in your life. If you are guarding your idol to the point the “uglies” come out, you’ve got to be careful.
  • The fastest growing churches are in countries that vehemently oppose Christianity.
  • If you have to let go of love to hang onto your cause, you’ve lost your way.
  • You can have as much of God as you want. You draw near and He draws near. He rewards those who diligently seek Him.
  • You can have a right assessment and a wrong a spirit. If you are more angry about someone’s stance than you are concerned about their soul, you’ve got a wrong spirit.
  • “Things are not falling apart; they are falling in place” ~ Anne Graham Lotz
  • We are going to see moves of God we’ve only dreamed of – but God moves on the humble. So Lord, search us…
  • God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear – you can’t walk in Kingdom power and walk in fear. (2 Timothy 1:7 NIV) 
  • As people of God, we need to pursue community with people – actively reaching out to communicate value and love to people.
  • Remind your soul that nothing is impossible with God. Your faith is so precious to Him.

Lord, show us the gap that exists between what we do and what we truly believe, and then fill in those empty spaces with more of You. Awaken our heart and do the impossible in our lives.

"People will ask the reason for the hope in you when they see the hope on you" - Susie Larson - The Living Room Podcast - Episode 050

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