Mar 31, 2021 | Podcast, The Living Room

056: Verse-Mapping the Bible with Kristy Cambron

“Start small, but begin!”

Do you wish you understood the Bible better?

In this episode, Kristy Cambron, shares powerful tools and resources that have brought the Word of God alive to her and many others from her Verse Mapping Series. Kristy is a vintage-inspired storyteller, writing both award-winning historical fiction and Bible Studies. When she recognized her own tendency to choose other things before spending time in the Word, Kristy embarked on a personal journey to understand it better. She discovered the personal and life-changing truths God had woven throughout His story and her desire to know Him only grew!

God wants to speak to you too, my friend! His Word is rich and powerful and applies to every moment of our lives today. He wrote it with you in mind. It is not beyond your grasp. With a few simple steps, you can begin to understand God’s Word and discover His good and perfect will for your life.

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Important Takeaways from Show

  • Begin with prayer and worship to invite God into your time
  • Expect God to speak to you when you go to His Word
  • Invite the Holy Spirit to reveal what is most important for you in that moment (Ephesians 1:17)
  • Our spiritual vocabulary expands as we study God’s Word
  • Verse mapping records your journey with the Lord
  • Never be afraid to admit when you don’t understand something and ask for help
  • When you understand a story within the lens it was created, you can apply it accurately to your life today
  • Verse mapping can retrain your mind to understand Scripture better
  • Your study, worship and relationship with God is going to look unique to how God created you (Psalm 139)
  • Don’t be afraid to start small
  • The goal is to walk away with one truth that you can put into practice
  • Your craving for the Word of God will increase as you read it

5-Step Approach to Verse Mapping 

  1. Select your verse
  2. Design – Write verse in multiple translations
  3. Develop context – Research root meaning of words
  4. Actions – Discover the story around the verse
  5. Outcome – Identify what the Holy Spirit taught you and how you plan to use it

"As we study God's Word, overtime, we build a spiritual library in our soul" - Kristy Cambron - The Living Room Podcast - Episode 056

Open my eyes that I may see
    wonderful things in your law.

Psalm 119:18

Links from Show

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