Sep 28, 2022 | Podcast, The Living Room

095: Overcoming Anxiety with Amy Seiffert

TLR 095: Overcoming Anxiety with Amy Seiffert - The Living Room Podcast

“Trust God’s future promises because of His past faithfulness”

Do you find yourself in a routine of casting your cares upon the Lord, only to take them back again? You may find things that temporarily fill your spiritual buckets, but are left once again dry, anxious, and weary. In today’s podcast, author and speaker, Amy Seiffert and Joanna talk about tips fo overcoming anxiety.

Amy shares powerful tools to help to name our feelings, be honest with ourselves and God, and allow Him to align ourselves to His great plan for us. As we allow these things to draw us closer to Jesus, anxiety and worry can be replaced with peace and God’s abundant goodness. Join us as we dive into a deeper understanding of true freedom, and find rest for your anxious souls.

Important Takeaways from Show

  • Our feet can be in one space, but our minds can be somewhere else. As we let go of what we try to control, giving it to Jesus, our minds can be realigned in the calling He has for us.
  • As we journal our feelings, we find the root of where they came from and identify them by name.
  • Trusting God with our children means parenting from our knees, and surrendering our treasures to Him.
  • Journaling can help us connect our hearts and thoughts back onto Jesus.
  • Being honest ties our feelings together and readies our hearts for a conversation with God.
  • The same grace that saves us is the same grace that changes us.
  • Make a set time in the day to take your worries to God, not allowing them to consume every part of the day.
  • Remember the goodness of God, the faithful times, and the answered prayers.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


Links from Show

Amy Seiffert’s New Pre-Order Book: Starved: Why We Need a Spiritual Diet Change to Move Us from Tired, Anxious, and Overwhelmed to Fulfilled, Whole, and Free

Amy Seiffert’s Starved Bible Study: Starved Bible Study: A Six-Week Guided Journey

James Bryan Smith- The Good and Beautiful God: Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows

Joanna’s New Book: Embracing Trust: The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God

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