Dec 21, 2022 | Podcast, The Living Room

101: Cultivating a Significant Life with Rachael Adams

“If nothing was too insignificant for the Savior of the world, then nothing is too insignificant for me and you.

Are you feeling the pressure to make your life bigger, brighter and more significant? In this episode Rachael Adams and I talk about “the power of small” and how God makes a little go a long way. Rachael and I talk about the significance of the small moments, and how we can follow Jesus’ example by being faithful in the everyday and mundane.


In This Show We Talk About:

  • 1:40 Rachael talks about what led her to write “A Little Goes A Long Way: 52 Days to a Significant Life”
  • 5:27 Balancing the tension between being satisfied with what we have and the longing for significance and purpose.
  • 7:28 How we often see God as a taskmaster instead of a loving Father.
  • 8:27 Rachael’s desire for the woman discouraged in the seemingly insignificant daily duties of life.
  • 11:00 How to get our eyes off what we thought our life would be like and onto what God has for us today.
  • 13:50 The paradigm shift that helps us embrace the “little” things.
  • 15:41 The power of being available.
  • 19:55 How God uses the unlikely and ordinary.
  • 20:34 Listening when God calls us to step out of our comfort zone into something bigger.
  • 26:07 Learning to overcome our fears and insecurity and encouraging others in the faith.
  • 30:18 Rachael shares what she and her family learned from living a simpler life in an RV.


Links from Show

Rachael Adams’ Book: A Little Goes A Long Way: 52 Days to a Significant Life

Embracing Trust 10-week Video Bible Study

Joanna’s New Book: Embracing Trust: The Art of Letting Go and Holding On to a Forever-Faithful God

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