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In order to effectively house the many resources contained in my DVD Bible studies, we’ve created book sites to hold it all. If you are doing a study – or want to learn about a study – this is the place to visit!

You’ll find:

  • Sample chapters and study guide pages
  • Promo and bonus videos
  • Leader and Retreat Guides
  • Promotional material
  • And a lot more!

Click on the book sites below to discover everything you need to host my Bible studies!

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World 

Learn more about Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World at

Having a Mary Spirit

Everything you need to host a Bible study around Joanna Weaver's best-selling book, Having a Mary Spirit: Allowing God to Change Us from the Inside Out. Learn more at


Lazarus Awakening

Do you feel stuck in your walk with God? Come discover the resurrection life you were made for! Learn more at

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