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Nothing has changed my life like reading and studying God’s Word!

Many years ago I was introduced to a Bible reading guide that took the reader back and forth between the Old and New Testament in a year. When I was unable to track down the source, I decided to recreate it. I hope you’ll enjoy the Becoming His Bible Reading Guide.

Each day you will read approximately two chapters from the Old or New Testament as well as one chapter from Psalms or Proverbs. After finishing Genesis, you’ll go to Matthew, then back to Exodus, then to Acts, back to Leviticus, and then to Mark, etc. I’ve purposefully put room between the gospels so that the reader can approach each one with a fresh eye. Scattered throughout are open days you can use for reflection or catching up.

But perhaps the best part of the reading guide is the ability to make it your very own! Have you tried to read through the Bible only to falter as I have and give up somewhere in Leviticus or Deuteronomy?

Thanks to this special software, you can start your reading anywhere in the Bible and on any day you choose. You don’t have to wait for January 1st, you can begin today.

Just fill in the fields below and press “create.” After your guide appears, print it out and tuck it in your Bible. I know God will bless you as you spend time at His feet, dedicating your heart and your life to …

Becoming His,


At the Feet of Jesus 2019

Every year I host some kind of Bible reading plan at my Facebook page. This year we’re reading through the Bible together, going back and forth between the Old Testament and New. Each day, we post that reading assignment then invite people to leave comments, sharing what spoke most to them.

We’d love to have you join us! Just go to – “Follow” the page, then turn on “notifications” to be sure you receive the daily posts in your feed. It’s lots of fun reading the Bible as it happened.

Here’s the schedule we’re following:

{ At the Feet of Jesus 2019 Schedule }

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