When God Asks You to Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

by | Oct 22, 2016

Joanna Weaver writes about getting unstuck and moving forward...."When God Asks You to Do Something You've Never Done Before" -

Has God ever asked you to walk on water?

I’m not talking literally…I’m talking figuratively.

Those times when God nudges you to do something far beyond your natural capabilities. Or whispers an idea that is so outrageous it’s bound to fail if He doesn’t help you.

Each time I start a new book or DVD project, that’s how I feel. The whole writing thing doesn’t come easily to me. It’s the hardest thing I do. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s what God has called me to do.

Recently, God has stretched my comfort zone even further by asking me to create some online events. (More details to come!)

After initial excitement about the idea (which is usually my first response to new things), I hit a wall of overwhelming discouragement (a common second response, especially when I discover how much work is involved!)

But God’s been faithful to walk me through it all. After sharing my journey on a Facebook Live last week, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned along with great tidbits others posted.

Saying Yes to God’s Big Ask!

Because I use the first few minutes of the FB Live video to welcome people, you may want to move ahead to the 2:27 time mark. Below the video, I’ve outlined the main thoughts and added some tweetables you might want to “click and share.”

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Stepping Out in Obedience

Has God asked you to do something that feels beyond your capabilities? Here’s what I’m doing to push through my overwhelm – I hope these tips help you like they’ve helped me.

1. Say yes to God!

If God has asked you to do something, He'll give you everything you need to do it. Share on X

2. Ask God for wisdom

Link arms with God - you don't have to do it alone! Share on X

3. Research but don’t get paralyzed by all the options

There is such a thing as too much research - make a decision so you can start moving forward. Share on X

4. Do a brain dump

Put all of your ideas on paper. It will help you see what needs to stay and what needs to go. Share on X

5. Don’t be surprised by opposition – from the enemy as well as your flesh

Allow the Holy Spirit to show you how to press through intimidation and fear. Share on X

6. Stand against the opposition in the power of the Lord

Resist the enemy and he will flee. Allow God to make you brave. Share on X

7. Simplify your to-do list

Don't be paralyzed by endless to-do lists. Prioritize 2 or 3 important things each day. Share on X

8. When you can’t do the BIG thing – do SOME thing

Work the perimeter of your problem - what small thing could get you moving forward? Share on X

9. Keep bringing your plan to God

Don't assume you have to do everything - ask God what is most important. Share on X

10. Let go of perfectionism

Let go of perfection and aim for progression. Share on X

11. Don’t be surprised when it’s hard

Don't operate under the delusion that if God asks us to do something, it will be easy. Share on X

Most of all, when you feel stuck, cry out to the Lord for help. When you feel yourself going under, reach out to Jesus and allow Him to lift you out of the waves.

Water-walking doesn’t come naturally to any of us. But if we’ll take the first step and come when Jesus says come…He will be there to teach us how to run.

Here are some other thoughts…

“Honor the process” – Monica

“Am I willing to let God deal with the consequences of my obedience?” – Denise

“God has impressed on me to dig deep and get to know him before I jump” – Monica

“Eat that elephant one bite at a time!” – Renee

“Look for what you CAN do rather than fixate on what you CAN’T do” – Joanna

“Remember, you are not alone” – God

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I’d love to hear from…which of these reminders do you need most today, and why?

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