Lazarus Awakening DVD Study by Joanna Weaver

Lazarus Awakening

Leader Tools


Below you’ll find all of the materials you’ll need to run a successful bible study or retreat.

For Participants

Each participant with need a book and separate study guide.

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For Leaders

Before starting, you will need to purchase the video study or online study.

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Tools to Help You Lead

Each promotional piece has an editable text box. Click inside the box and type the “what, where and when” of your event. Save to computer, and print out copies as needed. Personalize the presentation slide for use during weeks leading up to the study. If possible, show promo video to build anticipation.

You’ll find other promo ideas in the Leader Guide as well as lots of helpful tips for getting the most out of your study.

Leader Guide→

Study Poster→

Study Flyer→

Study Invite Card→

Presentation Slide→

Memory Verses→

Bible Bookmark→

Prayer Stations→

Retreat Options

Turn the study into a special event for your group.
Use the additional tools below to make your event a breeze to set up and promote.

Retreat Guide→

Retreat Journal→

Retreat Invite Card→

Retreat Poster→

Retreat Flyer→

Presentation Slide→

Retreat Verses→

Additional Materials

For those who prefer creating their own promotional materials, you’ll find graphic pieces and headshots in the zip files below. You can also use these web graphics to embed them on websites or share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

     Cover Graphics→

    Author Images→

    Web Graphics→

    If you have any questions, please contact me anytime. I want your study to be a breeze. And I’d love to come to your area and speak. You can send a request for speaking to me as well. 

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